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How do I drink Yerba Mate?

There are many ways you can drink Yerba Mate, either a traditional Hot Mate, Iced Mate Tea (Tereré), or Mate Tea Bags. Let us walk you through steps to make each type of mate drink. Traditional Hot Mate

  1. Choose a container (mate) of your choice. It can be either pumpkin, glass, wood, metal, or other material. Fill it to 3/4 with yerba mate.
  2. Cover the container with the palm and shake it vigorously. Now, tilt the mate so that the yerba rests on one side.
  3. Insert a straw (bombilla) on the empty side and lay it against the cup, making sure it’s firm.
  4. Brew the mate with a small quantity of hot water (70-80°C) in the area where the “bombilla” is inserted. Try not to wet the upper part of the yerba and avoid using boiling water. Now, you can enjoy your delicious mate.
Iced Mate Tea (Tereré)
  1. In a jar, put a liter of cold water and ice cubes, then, squeeze two lemons (or more) and put some honey or sugar to sweeten it a little bit.
  2. In a glass, preferably made of glass or metal, pour 2/4 parts with yerba mate.
  3. Cover the container with the palm and shake it vigorously. Now, tilt the mate so that the yerba rests on one side.
  4. Insert a straw (bombilla) on the empty side, add the cold drink from the jar in the area where the “bombilla” is inserted, and drink it the same way as hot mate.
Tip: You can use other fruit juice, or put a bit of mint or other herbs in the cold water to make different flavors. To make this easier, you can also make Tereré with the use of our flavored yerba mate and cold water. Mate Tea Bag Mate tea bag is probably the easiest way of drinking mate. To enjoy a delicious Mate Tea Bag, you can simply steep one of our Yerba Mate Tea Bags in hot (but not boiling) water for 3-4 minutes, add honey or a splash of lemon, and you are good to go!

Is Yerba Mate healthy?

Yerba mate has been enjoyed in Argentina and other South American countries for many centuries for good reasons – it’s an energizing, rich source of powerful antioxidants (more than even green tea!) and packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, potassium, and manganese. So, Yes. Yerba Mate is more than healthy to drink. If you want to know more about how it is healthy, the list below is some of the benefits Yerba Mate has to offer: Mindful Morning Energy Yerba mate can be part of a healthy morning routine similar to the way you would enjoy a cup of coffee. Yerba mate contains less caffeine than coffee but more than a cup of tea. So yerba mate just might be what you need if you want to increase your energy levels and boost your mental focus in the morning. Help with Weight Loss Yerba Mate may reduce appetite, boost metabolism, and increase the amount of fat burned for fuel, which can help with weight loss. It even has some research [1] [2] [3] backing its effectiveness in weight control. Obese men and women consuming mate tea have shown a decrease in their carbon dioxide production, which indicates an increase in fat oxidation, or the use of the body’s fat stores as a source of energy. Protects your heart Yerba mate can help your heart, too. Yerba mate contains antioxidant compounds, such as caffeoyl derivatives and polyphenols, which may protect against heart disease, similar to red wine in this way. Mate can also protect your body against tissue damage due to oxidation of cholesterol, which is a known cause of circulatory complications such as atherosclerosis. Protects your DNA Studies showed that the regular consumption of this beverage could protect your DNA cells, too. Higher than both green tea and red wine, Yerba Mate had the ability to protect you against around the clock damage done to our cells caused by our environments and lifestyles that could otherwise produce damaged, or even cancerous cells.

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